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Ramtorc offers a selection of new and used pneumatic and hydraulic equipment for sale.

arrow ATP - Industrial impact wrenches, paving breakers, rivet busters, rockdrills.
arrow Columbus McKinnon - Hoists, Trolleys, Lever Hoists
arrow Esco Millhogs - Portable pneumatic tools for cutting, machining pipe, tube, and boiler panels.
arrow Fein - Power tools, grinders, mag. drills.
arrow Gray - Industrial hand tools.
arrow Ingersoll-Rand - Pneumatic tools
arrow Jet - Pnematic tools, abrasives, hand tools, material handling.
arrow Krais - Heat exchanger/boiler tools.
arrow Orbit - Aluminum hydraulic cylinders.
arrow Ozat - Industrial impact sockets, extensions, adapters, striking wrenches.
arrow PowerTeam - Hydraulic pumps, rams, presses, wrenches.
arrow Rad - Pneumatic, electric, battery, torque systems.
arrow Simplex - Hydraulic and mechanical lifting equipment.
arrow Thern - Hand and power winches, cranes, hoists.
arrow Torcup - Hydraulic wrench systems.
arrow Wintech - Hand and power winches, marine, construction.

Below is a list of equipment currently available for sale:

Rebuilt, Model RAB 12 L150, 140 rpm, #4 morse taper, screw feed drill, also ideal for reaming and tube rolling, weight 32 lbs.

Striking face wrenches are designed to be struck down by a hammer on the anvil area in order to loosen frozen fasteners or to set and tighten fasteners. Anvils are proportional to opening sizes. Special heat treating provides maximum durability for long life. Warning WEAR EYE PROTECTION Warning

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